Invest in charitable impact

Make it Easier

Generate more support for the causes you care about by leveraging your charitable gifts.

CHIMP makes it easy for you to donate and manage large and complex gifts, and inspire greater giving for your favourite charities.

From your CHIMP Account, you can give to any registered Canadian charity or charities of your choice, anytime you want, anonymously or with recognition. And you can match others’ donations to your favourite charities or fundraising campaigns.

Give on Your Terms

Donate a wide variety of asset classes into your CHIMP Account, including:

  • Cash
  • Publicly traded securities*
  • Life insurance
  • Private company shares
  • Real estate
  • Estate gifts

* Giving publicly traded securities is one of the most tax efficient ways to give to charity.

You can make large donations into your CHIMP Account anytime, and receive a tax receipt immediately. Later, send your gift to any registered Canadian charity or charities of your choice, anonymously or with recognition.

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Invest Your Charitable Dollars

A CHIMP Investment Account lets your financial advisor invest and manage your charitable assets until you’re ready to give to your chosen charities.

CHIMP provides the administration, systems and oversight to ensure your charitable dollars go to the charities of your choice.

You can also pass along your giving values by sending charitable gifts to friends, family and colleagues for them to give to their charities of choice.