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$540 million has been given through CHIMP.
It has gone to 9170 different charities, including:


A little bit about CHIMP

Think of CHIMP like a charitable bank.

You get your own "bank account" just for giving, so you can add money when you have it and give it away when you’re inspired.

Lots of ways to give.

You can give to any registered charity in Canada, give money to a friend for them to give away, and even pool money with friends to give away together.

Looking for a charity?

We've got you covered, with all 85,000+ registered charities in Canada. Don't be overwhelmed by the number, just start by searching for a favourite:

Why the name CHIMP?

CHIMP is a combo of charitable impact, and our site is stocked with tools and features to help you increase the impact of your giving.

What People Say About CHIMP

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CHIMP has allowed us to share in a larger giving story; to share in ripples of giving.
-Carly, Kitchening & Co.

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The matching initiative we ran through CHIMP was exactly what we needed to get our name and brand out there to our target audience.
-Matt Wilks, Canadian Youth Worker