Everyone has something to give

Your CHIMP Account is like an online bank account just for charity.

Give on your terms. It’s free to sign up and simple to use.

Your CHIMP Account

Give to any charity in Canada, anytime. Deposit money into your account when you’re inspired to give, or set up monthly recurring donations for all your favourite causes.

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Your Company's Account

Encourage your employer (and favourite brands) to support you in contributing to the charities you care about. Live and work more purposefully by integrating your favourite causes into your workplace.

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Your Giving Group

Share your favourite causes with friends, family and social networks. Give together and see how easy it is to make a bigger difference in the world.

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Are you a charity?

Accept donations on your charity’s site and through CHIMP, customize your charity profile and access donor info so you can thank your supporters.

Solutions for Charities
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Are you a philanthropist?

Work with your financial advisor to manage and invest your charitable assets — including large and complex gifts — through your CHIMP Account.

Solutions for Investors

How Your CHIMP Account works

With CHIMP, you can deposit money into your account anytime you want.

When you’re ready, you can give that money to any charity (or charities) in Canada, to a friend or family member on CHIMP, or to a Giving Group or fundraising campaign.


Sign up for your free CHIMP Account.


Make a deposit into your account anytime you want, or set up an automatic recurring monthly donation.


Get a tax receipt immediately, stored in your account.


Find causes and charities that match your values and interests.


Give to charities, fundraising campaigns, family or friends. You can also save up to make a gift later, whenever you’re ready.